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Crunchy Perfection

Freeze drying follows the same scientific method used by astronauts for creating space-meals.

We've scaled it down and are now using it for making candy! The outcome? A delicious experience that will make your taste buds feel alive!

The freeze dry process removes all moisture from our candy, leaving behind a deliciously perfect crunchy treat.

Freeze drying also doubles as a preservation process, making it so candy can last 25+ years if stored properly!

Freeze drying makes candy last up to 25 years if properly stored!

The pressure causes the sugars and gelatin to puff into an amazing crunchy texture.

While the term "freeze" in freeze-dried might suggest you need to keep these treats ice-cold, that's not the deal. These goodies are perfectly fine chilling at room temperature.

Once the freeze-drying show is over, they don't demand the cold shoulder anymore. So, freeze-dried snacks: room temperature all the way, no frosty treatment needed!